About Streamer Apparel

What makes us unique is that we’re a streamer-founded company. We know the pains and struggles, as well as the dedication it takes to make your dream a reality. And we want to help you get there too.

Our only purpose is to help all streamers get paid and thrive online.

We offer all kinds of resources to help you grow and build your community:
– highest paid merch stores
– sponsorships 
free resources
blogs & articles
– Mentorship program (coming soon)

Meet Stephan

Stefler, co-founder of Streamer Apparel

What’s up my friend…

I’m Stephan.  I’ve been streaming for about 7 years and making a decent living online.

created this company to help ALL streamers get paid  and teach you everything I know about streaming, growing a community, finding and approaching sponsors, and more. So if you’re a beginner or been streaming for years now, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the SA tribe. Join my Discord Community to stay in touch, network with other amazing streamers, and get helpful advice that you can implement right away.

Talk soon,
Stephan, Co-founder, Streamer Apparel